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NEW FOR 2017! The B.E.D.E.L Mk3 Battery Engine

The B.E.D.E.L Mk3 is fitted with a new advance technology DC brushed motor which develops horse power and torque at low speeds. It is probably the quietest brushed motor available, and very easy on battery usage.

The B.E.D.E.L Mk3 offers:

A powerful 4 pole motor

Torque at low speed

Torque overload protection

Current overload protection

Automatic and manual speed control

8 or 10 Ahr battery unit

Dual battery charger

Battery recharge 38 or 45 minutes

2 lithium batteries supplied

Accepts Bucks Drive Cable or HDE

Price: £1,275.00 (+shipping)
(Additional batteries £160.00 per pair)

Please note the delivery time for BEDEL Mk3 at present is 3 weeks

To order, or for further details, please get in touch
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