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Rechargeable Head Torch / Light

Rechargeable Equine Dentistry Head Torch

Rechargeable Equine Dentistry Head Torch - complete with rapid charging kit

This rechargeable head torch is the latest addition to Bucks Equine Dental EQ range of quality head torches. It is fitted with an up-rated version of our best selling Lamp which is supplied with and energised by the latest NiMH battery pack capable of achieving 15 to 20 routine mouths.

* Supplied with the latest rapid charger
* Approx 3.5 hours to recharge a fully discharged pack
* With in-car charging facility
* And safety countdown timer

As with all our range of head torches it supplied with a very comfortable, fully adjustable padded headband.

I have been using Bucks Equine Blades for a few years now and I am very happy with the quality Field tested and approved by Equine Dental Technician, Sophie Knight


Price: £200.00 (+shipping) [ Contact Us ]
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